Dates August 1(Tue.)-20(Sun.), 2017
Venue LUMINE 0, NEWoManShinjuku 5th floor, 5-24-55, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Visitors 3500 visitors
Visitors of Dialogue in Silence give their impressions of it as “realized the importance of power of expression, awareness of observation and concentration” and “developed a deep understanding of diversity and hearing impairment”.

Voice of visitors
  • “I was shocked to know that we can have such abundant relationship with others without our voice”
  • “I want to value my intention to express and communicate”
  • “I want to be more heart-opening to listen to others”
  • “It was fun to imagine the sounds in my mind”(third-year elementary school kid)
General producers
  • Kiyoe Shimura
    Kiyoe Shimura

    Birth therapist
    Executive Director, Dialogue Japan Society

  • Shinsuke Shimura
    Shinsuke Shimura

    CEO, Dialog in the Dark, Japan

Planning supervisors
  • Karin Matsumori
    Karin Matsumori

    Universal-design advisor who connects the world of sounds with the world of silence

  • Yukio Morimoto
    Yukio Morimoto

    Governmental certified sign language interpreter Child care worker at Kanamachi Gakuen, a Deaf children's home Adjunct university instructor

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